Lucas Paqueta’s betting scandal takes a shocking turn as the West Ham star could face serious consequences.

Throughout the last year, Paqueta has maintained his innocence regarding the betting scandal he was caught up in. Four separate yellow cards are being investigated for suspicious betting activity from the island he grew up on.

The consensus was that nothing would really come from this and there would not be sufficient evidence to take action. To everyone’s surprise though, the FA have charged the midfielder and he has until 3rd June to respond.

In theory, the fact they’ve gone ahead and charged him would suggest they have some sort of evidence to present. While we don’t know what that evidence may be and he is obviously innocent until proven guilty, many have begun to speculate what the future holds for the Brazilian.

Some have stated that he will get a similar punishment to what Ivan Toney and Tonali got, however what Paqueta has done is much more serious. What he has been accused of is spot fixing which is essentially a form of match fixing. If found guilty, the Guardian believes that his career may be over.

A similar instance happened in the lower tiers of English football and it resulted in the player getting banned for 10 years for one yellow card – Paqueta has four accusations of this kind.

Additionally, he has been “been charged with two breaches of FA rule F3 in respect of alleged failures to comply pursuant to FA rule F2, which relates to providing information and documents.” Which is surprising considering he was more than happy to hand his phone over.

In truth, absolutely no one knows what will happen from here. Paqueta does still deny any wrongdoing, but we will have to wait and see to whether he’s found guilty as well as what punishment he will be given if he is.

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