This will be a very brief round up today, so here it goes.

Bacca Deal

I feel like all I have done for the last month is talk about this deal.  I first wrote of our interest on May 31st and it seems to have been going on ever since.  We first enquired about him before the Copa America and then had to wait a long time after to begin discussions.  The transfer is still in the balance.  This is not me sitting on the fence.  These are the facts.  Bacca’s and our wage demands are not in line yet.  People say “Just give him the cash” but it doesn’t really work like that.  There are wage structures and those factors have to be considered.   I do believe still that the club will reach an agreement eventually.  There are other clubs that are potentially circling for him including A.Madrid but it seems they have other targets ahead of him.  I do think a little perspective needs to be retained here.  We are preparing a deal including agents’ wages and signing on fees which equates to almost £30m for a 30 year old forward.  A few years ago we were signing Mido on a free for £1k a week.  It is a big step forward.  The deal is pretty much as I left it yesterday, and not a lot has changed.  Talks have happened and they will continue.  It is a rather amusing situation that I often get blamed when this happens in transfers.  I can assure you as much as I wish I had that power I don’t.  If a deal changes, this is not my fault – it means that one of the parties couldn’t meet the other’s demands and in business this is the norm.  At the moment the club still hope that this deal can be concluded this week.

Forward Signings

There are at least eight other offers on the table for other forwards.  These forwards are all of a high quality and the Bacca situation helps in some respects because it is taking attention off the other deals.  The chairman is ambitious, but some of the bids are realistic and have been covered in detail in my daily accounts while others are extremely ambitious.

Unhappy Forwards

Both Sakho and Valencia are said to be unhappy at the club and have made it clear that they want to leave.  The main club in for Sakho appeared to be Sunderland but with Big Sam likely to get the England job their situation has changed.  The club hope that WBA will move for Sakho as it appears that it will be difficult for him to remain.

Youngster Excitement

Today Mitch, one of our top writers, wrote an article on whether he would keep Martin Samuelsen or loan him out.  Martin is just one of the many exciting up and coming talents that we have at the club.  If you think of the likes of Sam Howes, Reece Burke, Reece Oxford, Josh Cullen, Samulesen, Quina, Martinez, Fletcher and many others there are a lot of exciting players for the future.

The owners really are doing all they can within realistic boundaries to land the top forward that we need.  Yes it is frustrating to not land targets but this is what happens.  Realistically we are not a champions league club yet, we haven’t moved to the OS yet and we are not quite as big yet for the players we are aiming to be.  They have high ambitions and will do what they can to achieve them.  We just have to be patient and trust that they will.  This time last year we signed one of the best players in the recent Euro Championships plus many other top players.