Manager David Moyes has spoken ahead of our final game of a thrilling season with West Ham looking to achieve a 6th place finish for the second consecutive season.

Our Hammers head to the south coast on Sunday to face Brighton & Hove Albion knowing that a victory over our bogey side could seal top 6, as long as Manchester United do not win at Crystal Palace.

David Moyes spoke to the media and has emphasised what a excellent campaign it has been, but that plans are very much under way to push on further next season.

“We go into the game having already got something: we’ve already got European football next season,” exclaimed the boss.

“It’s a huge, huge plus for us, and a great achievement, but also the thought that we could finish sixth again, after the year we’ve already had in the Cup competitions…

“You think about the improvements other teams have tried to make. We’ve tried to as well, but that’s the level of the Premier League: everybody’s really competitive.

“Whatever we’ve done this year, we’ve been able to roughly maintain what we’ve had in the last year, which is a good sign, and I hope we can either maintain, or build and get better for next season as well.”

Moyes knows the task on Sunday is a mammoth one, with our bogey side Brighton likely to prove to be a huge obstacle as we seek a final game victory over the Seagulls.

“They’ve always been tough opponents for us, Brighton, and we’re well aware of that,” admitted Moyes.

“We’ve got a slightly different mindset because we’ve got the security of European football, but we’ve also got the goal of, if we win the game and things go for us elsewhere, we can possibly finish one place higher up the league.

“I like Graham Potter’s work and I like Brighton’s work. Their model is very good.

“There are different ways you can do things in football, and different ways you can play football with your style. If all the styles in the Premier League were exactly the same, we’d all be bored by it.

“It’s good to see clubs who are underdogs and do things different ways. I think Brighton have got a really good model and I really like the work they do.”

Another thing now looming is the summer transfer window, with many expecting West Ham to be busy in building and pushing to progress next season, with the boss admitting that plans are already in place.

“The truth is I’ve probably been looking forwards for six months of the year to what we’re going to do next year, and how we’re going to make this team better,” added Moyes.

“I keep using the word ‘grow’ – how can I grow it a little bit better and a bit stronger? I’ve probably been at it all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped thinking about the future and what I can do to make things better.

“If that’s referring to players and new members, then we’re looking really hard at what we’re going to do, but also growing and making the Club better: I want things better around the training ground and I want some things better around the stadium.

“There are lots of things I want to build and grow, but with regards to players and what we’re going to do next, we do need to add to what we’ve got for next season.”