Jamie Carragher believes that it was best for all parties that David Moyes left West Ham, but he doesn’t think he will be out of a job for long.

With it now confirmed that David Moyes is departing from West Ham at the end of the season, the wider footballing community has started giving their opinion on the decision to bring in a new manager. Obviously the majority of pundits and fans have been left baffled by the decision, giving the usual ‘be careful what you wish for’.

However, there are some who can see it from West Ham’s perspective, some that are actually understanding of the bigger picture. As he has mentioned previously, Jamie Carragher believes this was the right time to get rid of Moyes. “I think it’s a great decision all round for everybody,” he said on Monday Night Football.

“I think what it does now is it gives the West Ham fans the chance in the next home game to really send him off with a salute that he thoroughly deserves.”

“You’ve got to go back to 1980 under John Lyall when they won the FA Cup he was also the manager that got them to third in 1986.  You think about how long ago that is, he’s (Moyes) being West Ham’s best manager.”

“To win a European trophy I think is pretty special and he deserved that for his managerial career not just what he’s done at West Ham. He’s been a top Premier League manager.”

However, despite his shortcomings, the former Liverpool defender doesn’t believe that the Scotsman will be unemployed for very long and has tipped him to move back to the Premier League very soon.

“I think he will be back in the Premier League soon enough, next season or the year after, because he knows how to basically navigate a Premier League season. I think it’s right all round. I can understand some of the frustration with the style of football I get that. But results wise he’s done a brilliant job for West Ham.”